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"Art is a part of our life ."
Welcome to our NMS store -
a place where new form are born.
We pay attention to clothes that can reveal and emphasize your image, your personality.
We have such brands as Okkervile, Brier, Kim Malygin, Master Bo, Daria Urkyneeva, Intro Version, Тихо, Nomad Goba.
If we wear shoes then- this
Handmade shoes that we produce ourselves. We do not have a large release, but we pay great attention to the quality, convenience and design of the products.
Actual news about art and our space.
Даниель Аршам
" Воображение-это единственное оружие в войне с реальностью."
Art Gallery NMS
NMS store offer you to make some pleasant accents in your image due to small but bright enough elements.
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We love interesting people and art. From time to time we hold performances by interesting musicians, lectures and just friendly meetings at the NMS store. You can subscribe to our updates at Facbook
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